Sunday, November 27, 2011

Connect With CUES on G+

If the title of this blog post confuses you, I sincerely apologize. If, on the other hand, you maintain a profile on Google Plus (G+), then you'll understand the weight of what has just happened. That's right, G+ has allowed organizations to begin creating pages, rather than personal profiles. This is an exciting turn of events for a couple of reasons.

The creation of G+ has amounted to the the existence of a social network that empowers those who wish to stay above the fray of posts by student populations. Though I personally value seeing what my students are posting, and fully appreciate the mutual benefits of my interactions with them about their online activity, it is also nice to have a place to share with my social network that does not include the student population. G+ also allows for group video chats (therein referred to as "hangouts"), seemingly easier "focused sharing" (sending comments and discussion topics to specified populations), and the ability to share more than 140 characters at a time (I realize this is possible in Facebook and LinkedIn as well, but G+ seems a bit more ... seamless, shall we say?).

Finally, the G+ NACADA CUES page will merely be an experiment. We continue our attempts to identify more ways in which to share more efficiently, effectively and engagingly. So, if you're so inclined, follow the NACADA CUES G+ Page, or place us in one of your circles. If you're not yet on G+ and all of this has made you curious, contact me and I'll walk you through it.

All the best,
Art Esposito (
Chair, Commission on Undeclared & Exploratory Student advising

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