Welcome To The CUES Blog

Greetings, CUES Members!

I’m proud to announce the birth of the official blog for the NACADA Commission on Undeclared and Exploratory Student (CUES) advising. We’re hoping we’ve created a dynamic environment in which we can interact, share, and develop as advisors to this, possibly the least understood of special advising populations. So we’ve organized this first iteration, we’ll call it NACADA CUES 1.0 (*grin) with three components—the Home Page, the Discussion Board and the Reading Room.

Home Page:
This is your standard bliggity blog-type stuff. We’ll ask members of the commission and other guests to be contributors—if you’ve something you’d like to post, simply email us at nacadacues@gmail.com, and we’ll post it for you. The Home Page as you see, also features links to other blogs (if you’ve one to which you subscribe, again, let us know and we’ll add it) and a twitter feed pulling in updates on various advising topics. There are a couple of ways to subscribe to the blog—there’s an email option as well as RSS feeds for posts and/or comments; all three options are in the bar on the right side of the screen.

Discussion Board:
Our goal is to drive traffic to this discussion board and alleviate some of the traffic in your individual email inboxes from the listserve—if you subscribe to the blog, you’ll be notified by email of new Discussion board posts. After you get the email, you can choose to go read the post or save it for another time. What’s better is that when colleagues reply, you won’t receive the whole reply in your inbox, just a notice that there is one for you to check out, if you’re available and when you’re so inclined. We’ll upload listserve conversations automatically, or you can send us the discussion you’d like to have posted and we’ll upload it for you. Again, use the nacadacues@gmail.com address for submissions.

Reading Room
The Reading room will be a general repository for resources that support the journey of self-exploration, proffered by Virginia Gordon and generally accepted as the best way for U/E students to make a planful decision on a college major. The resources are culled from the CUES membership as well as from the larger Association. One last time, submissions will be accepted at nacadacues@gmail.com.

So, welcome to the blog, and please subscribe!