Self Knowledge Resources


1) Recommend a free on-line assessment to help your students better understand their values, interests, skills:  Mymajors is an on-line assessment that gathers subject interests and previous successes, and matches these with specific majors.  Students will receive five majors that correspond with their profile.  The Myers-Briggs personality inventory helps to identify preferences and translates answers into a four-letter personality profile.  Once students complete the assessment, they can visit for a list of common careers for their personality type. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter reveals innate characteristics that portray one’s personality type.

2) Reflective Questions reveal critical information regarding students’ values, interests and skills.  

Examples include:
a. Would you rather have more free time and earn less money or earn more money and have less free time?
b. What activities leave you energized?
c. What topics of conversation grab your attention?
d. Where have you received awards or recognitions?
e. What skills come naturally to you but are difficult for others?

3) Mirroring Exercise: Some of the best advice regarding majors and careers is given by students’ friends, mentors and former teachers. Encourage your advisees to seek out feedback from important people in their lives. This exercise can be completed on-line or face-to-face, and works best when students develop questions prior to the interview.

4) Structured Reflection: Ask students to describe in a journal, or illustrate a vision, of who they are, what they hope to accomplish, their ideal work environment or their “dream job.” Occupational daydreaming utilizes right brain activity and can be a powerful tool in harnessing students’ goals.