Monday, September 26, 2011

Best of Region 4 Conversations, Clarification and Collages: Innovative Workshops for Undecided Students

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Former CUES Chair Kathleen Smith and a team of advisors from Florida State University won the Best of region with this great CUES topic this spring. have a look at what they plan to do in Denver:

The Advising First Center for Exploratory Students at Florida State University is ready to present an encore session of Conversations, Clarification, and Collages: Innovative Workshops for Undecided Students.   This session was first presented in March at the NACADA Region 4 conference in Birmingham, Alabama, where we were thrilled to learn that our team had earned the Best in Region Award for this program!

The Exploratory major at Florida State is the largest major for freshman students and we encourage our advisees to place passion and purpose at the center of their major selection process.  In addition, we emphasize a third p, planning, where we coach our students to take active steps towards self, major, and career exploration, and informed decision-making.   As a team, we work best when fresh ideas are flowing and new techniques are tried.   A few years ago we experimented with our programming to include time with our students outside of the office.  We held lunch and learn workshops in the student cafeteria, visited residence halls in the evening, and even held advising sessions from a canoe on a hot summer day in the middle of the campus lake!   We have come up with several engaging and interesting workshops designed to showcase major selection strategies and encourage our students to reflect, interact and collaborate with us, but more importantly, with one another.

If you are looking to advise ‘outside the box’, join us on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 in Room 605.   We promise this session will be like none other you’ve experienced!
What a great session this looks like--don't overlook it in your planning

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