Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Wonder What The Commission is Doing in Denver

Greetings, Commissioneers!

I wanted to make this next blog post about the Commission events that will be happening at the Conference in Denver. You’ve already read about the Pre-conference workshop Kathleen and I will be delivering, but there are the Commission Meeting, the Commission and Interest Group Fair (CIGF), and the Hot Topic session still to Discuss

The Fair happens every year at the conference—it’s essentially a great big poster session in which all Commissions and Interest Groups let you know what they’ve been up to and what they’re planning. This year, it's happening during breakfast on Monday, and the CUES table will be all about this blog. I’ll have my lap top at the session and will be talking about the easiest ways to subscribe and talking about all the functionality we’ve tried to load into the space.  Stop by to chat about stuff, sign up to volunteer, or to simply say, “hi!”

Commission Meeting
The Commission Meeting is happening Tuesday, October 4, at 11:15 in room 707. We’ll again be talking about the blog, as I’m actively seeking guest bloggers and contributors to our content pages. I’d also like to have a meaningful conversation about the ways we stay connected throughout the year. Given the rich communication tools the World Wide Web has to offer, I’m interested to identify how enthusiastic you may all be about periodically hosting our own web seminars. Finally, a conversation about off-line social networking seems in order as well—given that undeclared and exploratory students represent a significant number of the student population at most universities, I can’t imagine it being difficult to locate and connect with others, on our own campus or in our region, who advise the same population as we do ourselves.

Hot Topics Session
On Wednesday, at 10:30 in room 710, I’ll be leading a Panel/Round Table Discussion focused on facilitating a conversation about program building. The panel will be comprised of those who have successfully built or invigorated their CUES programs. Our desire is to help you think about doing on your campus what we’ve done on ours. Given this audience-centered approach, a significant amount of time will be dedicated to hear your concerns and answering your questions.

We hope you’ll consider joining us for one or more of the events above and are excited about seeing you all in Denver.  

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